Used Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for Sale in Michigan

 Shop for cheap prices on used Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Michigan near Detroit/Ann Arbor

Shop for cheap prices on used Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Michigan near Toledo, Ohio and Indiana/Illinois

Nothing is more synonymous with the great american highway than Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Over the decades, Harley's have been immortalized through movies, music, and pop culture. It's no wonder why owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is considered a rite of passage among riders worldwide.

If you're one of the millions of Americans who dream of cruising the open road on a Harley with the wind blowing in your hair, but are intimidated by the price of a brand new Harley-Davidson, we here at Monroe Motorsports have the perfect solution for you.

Here at Monroe Motorsports, Michigan's largest used motorcycle dealership, we specialize in used Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We have over 100 used Harley's in stock at any given time, with a variety of models that will blow your mind. One of our used harley's has your name on it, with a price that will make you smile, we guarantee! We offer the absolute best deals on the cleanest, cheapest used Harley's in Michigan!

Whether you're looking for a ride that's a little more compact or a full blown touring machine, our used motorcycle dealership in Michigan has what you're looking for! People from surrounding states like Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and even our neighbors to the north in Canada all make the trip to Monroe Motorsports in Michigan to take advantage of our amazing deals on used motorcycles from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Victory. Our main attraction though has remained our killer selection of used Harley-Davidson's in Michigan.

When you walk in and see our amazing selection of used Harley's, you begin to think you took a wrong turn and ended up at an authorized Harley Davidson dealer. Truth is, you ended up somewhere even better. Our trained staff of State Certified mechanics and our awesome detailing team take every step to assure that each and every one of our used Harley-Davidson's for sale in Michigan look AND run as if they just rolled out of the factory! And since we're not an authorized Harley dealer, that means we're able to sell our used motorcycles to you at a price that is much cheaper than a brand new Harley, and most importantly, within your reach.

Need low fixed rate financing on your used Harley from Monroe Motorsports in Michigan? No problem. Fill out our secure and confidential online financing application and we'll do our best to get you the monthly payment and low interest rates that you need to own the Harley you've been longing for!

So call or come in TODAY to get started owning your piece of the American Dream with a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle from Monroe Motorsports, Michigan's best used motorcycle dealership.

Used Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for Sale in Michigan